Värmland's fire history

Värmlands brandhistoria. (7 kB)

Storfors Fire House

The old Fire House in Storfors was built in 1897 by the industry and was used as a fire station until 1973. It is typical for the period when the industries got their own well-equipped fire-brigades which also served the local community.
Bild av Storfors spruthus, sommaren 98, (49 kB)
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John Ericsson (1803-1890)

1803 The great inventor was born in Långban, Värmland, Sweden
1817 Participated in the building of the Göta Kanal at the age of 14 years
1829 Made the very first Steam Fire Engine in London. He made it together with Mr Braitwaite.
1829 A locomotive of his design, The Novelty, participated in a competition with Stephenson´s Rocket
1836 Patent on a double rotation propeller
1840 Moved to USA and constructed a Steam Fire Engine. Won the first prize and a gold-medal.
1848 Ericsson became an American citizen
1861 The American Congress order one ship of the Monitor type
1862 The Monitor was ready to sail
1889 Died
1890 The corpse brought to Stockholm onboard the cruiser Baltimore
1890 Buried in Filipstad, Värmland
John Ericsson (5 kB)

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Alfred Nobel (1833-1896)

In Zurich, in the end of 1880:s Nobel constructed a yacht in light metal, the very first boat made in aluminium. His aim was to create a fire-safe yacht. Alfred Nobel lived and worked at Björkborn in Karlskoga the last three years of his life. Alfred Nobel came to Karlskoga in 1894 when he purchased the Bofors mill. And it was here at a local assizes that his will was ratified and the foundation of the Nobel Trust was laid.
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In 1891, in Karlstad, a system was introduced which combined fire and police in the same organisation. It is known as the Karlstad-model.
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Swedish Rescue Services Agency

Karlstad became in 1986 the site of this national agency supervising all Swedish fire brigades.
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Town Fires

The last and greatest town fire in Karlstad took place in 1865 when 237 out of the 241 large houses were burnt and 4700 people lost their homes. Kristinehamn has had three town fires, the last in 1893 when 200 buildings were on fire.

Brand i Karlstad (14 kB)

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Fire-Support in early laws (brandstod)

Already in the 1100-century a form of help had to be given after fires. The law rules of the Swedish provinces stated an obligation to help those who had suffered from fires in the countryside. The fire-support should help the misfortunate yeoman to a fast and new start of the activities. In 1350 the different laws were brought together into a new law, by the King Magnus Eriksson, which included the fire-support.

That medieval system had to be replaced by something else and the first local "fire-support-union" was established in 1687. In 1843 the insurance company "Länsförsäkringar Värmland" was formed covering the whole county and offered fire insurance in a modern sense. It still exists.
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LM Ericsson (1846-1926)

Lars Magnus Ericsson, born in Värmskog and founder of the Ericsson telecom industries which early developed different kind of fire alarm systems.
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