Värmland Fire Historical Club

About the Club

The museum is run by The Värmland Fire Historical Club. The aim of the Club is to show the development of the fire-brigades and fire-safety within the County of Värmland. We explain the many connections from the past to the modern organisations. We also illustrate the influences on all of Sweden which have come from our County. The drama of fire has also been used by some of our famous authors (Selma Lagerlöf, Gustav Fröding). These have been disastrous part of the local history.

The Club also reminds of fire risks and the need for fire safety in cultural buildings. Equipment from the past is shown in summertime.

Need a replica of John Ericsson steam fire engine?

Read more about the project and how to order a picture of your own steam fire engine.

In our plan to build and sell replicas of the John Ericson steam fire engine a first step is to find someone who is willing to support this risk project and perhaps even buy the first one. Please contact the club or pass the message to others who may be interested. More details will then be given.


Please contact info@brandhistoriska.org for more information.