The museum

The museum is run by The Värmland Fire Historical Club. The aim of the Club is to show the development of the fire-brigades and fire-safety within the County of Värmland. We explain the many connections from the past to the modern organisations. We also illustrate the influences on all of Sweden which have come from our County. The drama of fire has also been used by some of our famous authors (Semla Lagerlöf, Gustav Fröding). These have been disastrous part of the local history.

The Club also reminds people of the fire risks and the need for fire safety in cultural buildings. Equipment from the past is shown in summertime.

Open hours. Call for details. Phone to the museum +46 (0)550-63617. Tourist Office +46 (0)550-651 91

Example of equipment shown

Volvo Fire truck 1934 Manual fire-engine 1875
Albin trailer pumps 1940-50 Fresh air mask with hand-pump
Willys Jeep for forest fires Handpumps, several
Horse drawn fire pump Light equipment
Hose cart Life rescue ropes
Hook ladders

Spruthuset i Storfors. (7 kB)
Storfors Fire House

The old Fire House in Storfors was built in 1897 by the industry and was used as a fire station until 1973. It is typical for the period when the industries got their own well equipped fire-brigades that also served the local community.