Need a John Ericsson steam fire engine?

In Storfors, Sweden, a project can be started with the aim to make one or more replicas of the steam fire engine planned for New York in 1840. John Ericsson, the famous inventor of the screw propeller and designer of the Monitor type warship also constructed the first steam fire engine in London 1829- 1830.

The project can remind of John Ericsson, steam power and elder technique used for fire fighting. A replica of the elegant steam fire engine can become an attraction wherever it will appear. Such an engine will be of interest around the world. We are sure that there is a market for these unique engines with their exiting story. The idea is make them working in full size. John Ericsson's own descriptions and drawings give us a base to start, almost 170 years later, building a famous and prized engine.

The engine will be build with the help of John Ericsson's original drawings and descriptions. Most of the work can be done in Storfors, very close to Ericsson's birthplace in Långban. In Storfors there are knowledge and tradition in steam and pipe-techniques and all kind of metal works.

A pre-study has been finished showing it is possible to do it complying with safety of today. The club raises money for modern drawings by selling pictures of the engine in 3D-format made by Nicklas Ericsson, a talented technical illustrator. Having drawings is necessary to get a picture of the overall cost, which we need to create a market and offer the product.

The prize of the drawing is 500 SEK and can be ordered from

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Below are some pictures made by Nicklas Ericsson.